This article explains how to program both driving and seating in Ability Drive®. For the mode button to be turned on to access seating the Enhanced Display needs to be mounted next to the eye gaze device. Please contact us and we will remote into the eye gaze device and turn the mode button on.  Phone (425)242-3902 or

Note: Ability Drive® is not safe to use with QLogic 2.0 based wheelchairs from 2017 and earlier.

Video of Setup on an Enhanced Display (High Quality)

Video of Setup on an Enhanced Display (Fast Download)

*A PDF of this guide can be found at the bottom of this article*

Quantum Programming Guide for Quantum QLogic 3.0

First, plug in the hand held programmer.

Step 1: Select Program Adjustments from the Main Menu

Step 2: Select Startup Configuration from the Program Adjustments Menu

            Set Input Device = Input device selection screen

            Set Input Device Selection = Power on Device

Step 3: Select Enhanced Display from the Program Adjustments Menu

            Select Profile Setup

                        Set Profile 1 = Drive 1 (Slow Indoor Driving)

                        Set Profile 2 = Disabled (Optional Step: Drive 2 - Outdoor Moderate Driving)

                        Set Profile 3 = Disabled

                        Set Profile 4 = Disabled

                        Set Profile 5 = Disabled

                        Set Profile 6 = Seat


            Select Input Configuration

                        Set ED Input Configuration = 4 Switch


            Select Device Options / Timing

                        Set Device Double Command = Disabled

            Select D-Sub (9-pin)

                        Set D-Sub Supervision = Disabled

                        Set Mode Long Command = Inactive

                        Set Mode Double Command = Inactive

                        Set D-Sub Mode E-Stop = Off

            Select Switch Option / Timing

                        Set On / Off  Jack Switch Type = 1 Switch


                        (this is the buddy button to turn off the chair)

            Select Jack Command

                        Select Jack 1

                                    Set On / Off Jack Short Command = Power Off


            Select Menu Settings

                        Set Menu Navigation Mode = Manual

            Select Standby Select

                        Set Standby Select = Disabled

            Select Sleep

                        Set Sleep Power Mode = Disabled

            Select Latch Driving

                        Set Latch Driving Visibility = Disabled

            Select User Speed Adjust

                        Set User Speed Adjust = Disabled

            Select Profile Change Stop 

                        Set Profile Stop Drive = Enabled 


                        (this setting is important to ensure that the chair comes to a stop before accessing seating)

Step 4: Select Seat from the Program Adjustments Menu

            Select Seat Settings

                        Set Seat Navigation = Standard

                        Set Seat Head Left / Right Swap = No

                        Set Seat Enabled While Driving = No

Make sure the chair is set to use Profile 1.

Make sure the chair speeds, seating and modes are set appropriately and tested for the client's environment.