This article explains how to install the Ability Drive® Interface (ADT).  Installation of the ADT should only be done by an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP).

Ability Drive® is a drive control interface that enables you to drive a powered wheelchair with your eyes. Using virtual buttons and eye gaze technology, people who are not able to use a joystick can regain movement independence. Patent Pending.

Ability Drive® Manual (PDF)

Permobil IOM Installation (PDF)

Permobil OMNI2 Installation (PDF)

Video of How to Install Ability Drive® (Mobile)

Video of How to Install Ability Drive® (Desktop)

Installing the Ability Drive® Interface (ADT) 

1. Configure the wheelchair’s programming according to it’s appropriate Programming Guide.

2. Connect the 9-pin cable to the ADT (Ability Drive® Interface Box) and the wheelchair's input port.

3. Connect a buddy-button, as a power switch, to the input jack next to the input port. If the wheelchair owner is unable to press the buddy button, it is recommended to affix the buddy button near the back of a headrest where a caregiver can easily access it.

4. Connect the USB-C single screw cable to the ADT and screw the cable in.

5. Connect the USB cable that was screwed in to the ADT to the Supported Eye-Gaze Device.

6. Make sure the ADT and all of the cables are secured to the chair in a way that the communication device can be moved out of the way or removed for client transfers. Secure cables in a way that protects from damage from movement of the wheels, movement of the arm rest, abrasion of cable during daily use, or damages to the cable connectors.

7. From a web browser install the Ability Drive® application on the approved eye gaze device from