This article explains how to install the Ability Drive® Interface (ADT).  Installation of the ADT should only be done by an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP).

Ability Power provides USB Power Delivery to tablets attached to powered wheelchairs from the wheelchair’s batteries. Supported devices include the A13J, iPad Pro, Surface Pro, and any device that supports USB power delivery. Ability Power has two charge ports, a 60 watt tablet port and a 15 watt phone port. This product is only compatible with RNet based chairs This reduces care giver burden to keep multiple devices charged.

How to Install the APR (PDF)

Video of How to Install the APR (Desktop)

Video of How to Install the APR (Mobile)

Installing the APR on a Permobil

1. Start by removing the panel on the back of the chair that covers the RNet bus.

2. Remove the waterproof plug on the RNet bus bar.

3. Plug the RNet cable into the RNet bus on the back of the chair.

4. Plug the RNet cable into the APR.

5. Connect the USB C cable, labeled APR Cable Rail to the APR. The APR Rail Cable is male on one end and female on the other end. Note the USB A port on the APR is for cell phone charging only. DO NOT plug the ADT into the APR.

6. Run the USB cable from the APR along the side rail of the chair. Plug the APR Cable Rail and the APR Cable Post together, forming a quick disconnect.

7. Plug the USB C cable from the APR into a USB C power port on a supported device.