This article explains how to perform an eye tracker calibration using the Tobii PCEye 5.

To watch a short video demonstrating how to perform an eye tracker calibration, click here.

First open Eye Tracking Settings.

In the positioning box on the righthand side of the screen, position the eye tracker and the user such that their eyes, indicated by the white floating orbs, can be seen in the center of the box. If needed, adjust the distance between the eye tracker and the user, referring to the color-coded bar as a guide. Ideally, the white triangle should be in the yellow or green.

To change any settings before performing the calibration, click on the Customize button, make your selections, and click on the Close button when finished.

When you are ready to perform the calibration, click on Calibrate and follow the targets as they move across the screen, using only your eyes.

Once the calibration is complete, the results will appear on the screen indicating the quality of each area’s calibration. A great calibration will be indicated by all green target areas. To recalibrate any points that are not green, click on Improve Points. If you are satisfied with the calibration, click on the Close button.

You have now completed the eye tracking calibration that will be used when running Ability Drive®.