To watch a short video demonstrating how to access and use seating functions on your wheelchair, click here.

This video demonstrates how to adjust the seating on your wheelchair using Ability Drive®.

First open Ability Drive®, and from the drive menu click on the mode button. The mode button is identified by 4 crossing arrows.

Once you have clicked on the mode button, Ability Drive® will switch from drive mode into seating mode, and this will be indicated on the OMNI2 or Enhanced Display, highlighting the part of your chair that will be adjusted.

 Using the right and left arrows, select whichever aspect of your seat you would like to be adjusted.

In order to make an adjustment to the highlighted part of the chair, simply look at the up or down arrow. Once you are satisfied with your seating position, click on the mode button to return to drive mode.

In order to access seating mode, you will first need to have the mode button turned on, which we are happy to do once we have confirmed that the OMNI2 or Enhanced Display is mounted up next to the eye gaze device.

Please note that an ATP is required to do wheelchair programming before use of the mode button and seating functions.